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The favourite vegetable choice of salad lovers everywhere, lettuce is a great plant to grow in your garden. When you compare commercially bought lettuce to homegrown lettuce, the results are clear — homegrown lettuce will typically be more affordable, healthier for you, and better tasting.

If you are planning to grow your own lettuce, it is important to plant your lettuce seeds in loose, well-drained soil that gets lots of sunlight. You will also need to take good care of your plants, as lettuce does not compete well with weeds and can be vulnerable to certain pests. Lettuce will grow quickly, so remember to stagger your planting to ensure you can harvest it throughout the year.

Read our guide on how to grow lettuce to learn more.

Baby Leaf Blend Lettuce Seeds (Leaf Type) Multi-coloured extravaganza! Prized by gourmet sous-chefs as an ideal mixture for sophisticated salad presentations. Thanks to OSC, you can grow in your own garden and enjoy in your kitchen the same exquisite miniature salad greens served at up-scale hotels and resorts. Contains lettuces Grand Rapids, Royal Red, Oakleaf, Salad Bowl, Ruby Red, Prizehead, Buttercrunch and Romaine as well as Spinach and Ciccoria Catalogna.

Grand Rapids Lettuce Seeds (Leaf Type) Heirloom Vegetable. The ruling Monarch of the leaf lettuce family since its introduction in the late 1800’s! Crispy, succulent, light green leaves are lightly crinkled and possess a fine delicate taste. This is an excellent variety for cut and grow again multiple harvests. You can also successfully grow a continuous supply of Grand Rapids outside of the normal growing season by using a cold-frame, light garden or even sunny window! Soil-less (peat moss based) potting soils work best for indoor growing. Use water soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer every two weeks to promote strong growth. This product is part of our Vegetable Garden Starter Kit; click here to check it out.

Oakleaf Lettuce Seeds (Leaf Type) Heirloom Vegetable. This heat resistant lettuce produces tight clusters of medium green leaves shaped somewhat like oak leaves. Good flavour and tender texture make this an excellent variety for later spring planting in the home garden.

Ruby Red Lettuce Seeds (Leaf Type) Frilled leaves are a bright brilliant green artistically marbled with deep red shading. A good, crisp, sweet-flavoured leaf lettuce that doesn’t run and hide in hot weather. Ruby Red stretches out the spring harvest as it performs well under stress!

Salad Bowl Lettuce Seeds (Leaf Type) Heirloom Vegetable. The name pretty well describes where this very popular variety belongs! Medium green leaves are long and deeply lobed with a tender texture and sweet taste. Salad bowl shows good resistance to bolting and is relatively heat tolerant. Go for both spring and late summer plantings with this beauty! Introduced in 1952.

Outrageous Red Salad Bowl Lettuce Seeds (Leaf Type) Outrageous Red forms a loose head with a spectacular magenta red colour. The open style heads are medium to larger in size with deeply lobed leaves. This makes a great baby leaf variety and makes any salad come alive! Slow to bolt in summer heat and keeps its mild, non-bitter flavour. Colour is best in cooler weather but stands up well in summer. Upright growth habit.

Speckles Lettuce Seeds (Leaf Type) Heirloom Vegetable. Speckles is an Amish heirloom variety with beautiful bright red speckles on a lime green Butterhead type leaf. This showy lettuce adds colour to any salad. Speckles is a cross between a green butterhead and Forellenschluss (troutback) romaine.

Rouge d'Hiver Rouge d'Hiver (Red of Winter) displays striking red-brown, flat, smooth leaves with green veins that form a distinctive, loose Romaine head that has good cold tolerance. Rouge d'Hiver lettuce seeds are a very old HEIRLOOM variety, it is listed listed in Vilmorin's The Vegetable Garden (1885) as a hardy, productive plant that is slow to bolt. Rouge d'Hiver lettuce seeds are a favourite for market gardeners and home gardeners alike. Superb flavour and unusual ability to stand up to whatever the weather throws its way. Trust Rouge d'Hiver lettuce seeds for your organic vegetable garden this year. Matures in 60 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Super Gourmet Salad Blend Super Gourmet Salad Blend combines five very popular lettuce varieties in equal quantities. Even as seedlings, their appearance is quite different and they can be easily thinned to your chosen proportions in the row. Sow small amounts at two to three week intervals for a continuous harvest. This blend is pretty enough for the flower garden. The blend includes Simpson Elite, Salad Bowl, Darkness, Rouge d'Hiver, and Grand Rapids - so you get a nice range of colours and leaf shapes for instant mixed salads all summer long. This is a great blend for growing as micro-greens or baby salad greens in the Growlight GardenMatures in 60-80 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

How to Grow

880 seed/gram. Lettuce is a sun-loving cool weather crop that grows best in organic, well drained soil. Sow as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring, then every two weeks thereafter to ensure a continuous supply. Sow about 3 mm (1/8″) deep in rows 45 cm (18″) apart. An even supply of moisture during the entire growth period is imperative for success. Harvest leaf lettuce by either pulling the entire plant or by cutting leaves from the main stem at least 2.5 cm (1″) above the base – this will allow the plant to sprout new leaves. Once lettuce bolts (starts to produce a rapidly growing flower stem) leaves become bitter.

Seed Tape

Lettuce Salad Bowl Seed Tapes (Aimers Seed Tape) Heirloom Vegetable. Our favourite All America Selection Winner from the past produces medium green leaves that are long and deeply lobed with a tender texture and sweet taste. Appealing colour and vitamin rich! Salad Bowl is one of the best for growing in hot summers because it is slow to bolt to seed. A delightfully quick 45 days to harvest from germination. Introduced in 1952.

How to Grow

In a sunny site with well drained soil, sow successive crops every two weeks from April on to early summer as long as the weather is cool. Lay out tape and cover with 3 mm (1/8″) deep. Space rows 45 cm (18″) apart. Thin out seedlings to 10 cm (4″) apart. Thinnings can be used as baby greens. Keep plants evenly watered for the most succulent lettuce. Late summer crops can also be attempted.