Radish Seeds - Winter

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China White Radish Seeds (Winter Type) Heirloom Vegetable. A good keeping variety with white skinned roots averaging 15-20 cm (6-8″) in length and 5-6.5 cm (2-2.5″) in diameter. The flesh is white, crisp, juicy and pungent. Although frost hardy, winter radish roots will not survive winters harsher than Zone 8. Grown since at least the late 1880’s.

Minowase Hybrid Radish Seeds (Daikon Winter Type) Stand back! This vigorous growing Japanese Daikon type radish produces white necked roots up to 45 cm (18″) long and 6 cm (2.5″) in diameter often weighing over 454 g (1 lb)! Despite its large size, the flesh is finely textured, mild flavoured, juicy and crisp. If you didn’t like radishes before, you will after tasting this one!

Round Black Spanish Radish Seeds (Winter Type) Heirloom Vegetable. While it has been in cultivation since well before the year 1600, Round Black Spanish has almost become a forgotten variety – and its a shame too! Roots are globe shaped, about 10 cm (4″) in diameter and black skinned with pure white, very solid, quite pungent flesh. An excellent keeper. Although frost hardy, roots will not survive freezing.

Easter Egg II Blend Radish Seeds This is a colourful new addition to the radish family. Stunning intense shades of white, red, purple, pink and violet roots make this tasty radish a visual, as well as culinary, treat. The roots are large and smooth skinned, flesh is firm and crisp. An excellent novelty item for market gardeners seeking premium prices. Irrigation is essential for best flavour and root development. Although frost hardy, roots must be kept from freezing.  This product is part of the Colourful Veggie Collection; click here to check it out.

Wasabi Radish New to North America, this Japanese heirloom is a medium sized, oblong daikon type. The wasabi-green skin and flesh is crisp and succulent, with a strong heat reminiscent of the much loved Japanese horseradish paste. The flavour is sharp and tear-inducing for lovers of spice. Wasabi radish seeds also make excellent micro-greens, with the spiciness developing early on in its tiny leaves. Radishes can be grown all season but they're easiest when sown March/April and again August through October. Optimal soil temperature: 18-24°C (65-75°F). Seeds should sprout in 5-7 days. Matures in 60 days. (Open pollinated seeds)

How to Grow

90-100 seed/gram. Sow early varieties in a sunny site as soon as the ground is workable in the spring. Winter radishes are generally sown in mid-summer. Sow seed every two weeks 12 mm (1/2″) deep and about 2.5 cm (1″) apart in rows about 30 cm (12″) apart. Keep soil evenly moist during germination and growth. Harvest in 3-4 weeks when the roots have reached the size of a large marble. One packet sows approximately 6 m (20’) of row.