Shasta Daisy - Leucanthemum

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LEUCANTHEMUM (Shasta Daisy) Zone 5

A standard for the garden. The classic summer daisy. Blooms can be single or double and bloom on long stems suitable for cutting. Thrive on full sun but can do well in partial shade.

Alaska Praised for its consistently healthy disposition, heavy production of large 5” flowers and robust habit. White Green July-August 36”high  24”spread

Banana Cream Since it produces flower buds at each auxillary shoot, 'Banana Cream' blooms prolifically all summer long atop strong, upright stems. Compared to older cultivars, this plant has nicely compact, dark green foliage and exhibits increased disease resistance.

Becky This Shasta daisy cultivar has especially large white flowers with yellow centers held on 3- to 4-foot-tall, strong stems that don't need staking. It also blooms later than most of the other cultivars. It originated in a Southern garden, but it is very adaptable to other climates.

Snow Cap This is an especially compact selection, with masses of single white flowers, each with a yellow centre. White Green July-Sept 12” high 12” spread

Whoops-a-Daisy Forms an exceptionally dense, rounded ball-shaped mound of dark green foliage that becomes completely blanketed in large 3-4”, white flowers with gold centers from early through midsummer. It has better flower coverage and a more uniform habit compared to ‘Snowcap’, and the individual flowers have a fuller, fluffier appearance. White Green July-Sept 15” high 22” spread

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