Sea Holly - Eryngium

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ERYNGIUM (Sea Holly) Zone 4

Prickly flowers are a favourite for cutting & drying, very drought tolerant, attractive in border. Good for high salt environment

Noted for its petite size, Eryngium planum 'Blue Hobbit' (Sea Holly) is a compact perennial boasting a profusion of spiny, egg-shaped, purplish-blue flower heads throughout the summer. They are produced on silver-blue stems and stand high above the basal rosette of deeply toothed, smooth textured leaves.

Blue Hobbit Small flowered but with intense blue colour in the garden. Blue Blue-green July-August 24-30” high 18-24” spread

Jade Frost Variegated rounded, leathery leaves are blue-green with prominent white margins. New leaves have a pink edge. Blue Cream/green July-August 24-30” high 12” spread

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