Broccoli Seeds

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Broccoli is a healthy green vegetable that is well-known for its high nutritional value, containing many important vitamins and essential minerals — such as Vitamin A, Vitamin K, iron, and potassium. While broccoli is not everyone’s favourite vegetable, there are many tasty ways to prepare it by roasting or sautéeing with the right ingredients.

When growing broccoli, it is important to plant in composted, fertile soil that is slightly acidic. Broccoli seeds should be spaced well apart to allow the main heads to grow properly and planted in the late spring in Canada. Make sure to harvest your broccoli as soon as any yellow heads start to show, as they will lose flavour and nutritional value quickly afterward.


Green SproutingA taste sensation! Tasty broccoli spears on succulent, edible stems. Easy and quick to grow, one floret contains almost as much vitamin C as in an orange. It also contains glucosinolates which are thought to be beneficial to health.