Bellflower - Campanula

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CAMPANULA Carpatica(Bellflower) Zone 2

One of the most popular Bellflowers. Plants form a low, cushion-shaped mound of small green leaves, with loads of up-facing, open bells appearing in early summer. Excellent choice for the rock garden, edging and in containers. Will bloom longer if old blooms are removed.

Rapido Blue Wonderful true blue flowers cover this plant. Improvement on the ‘Clips’ series Blue Green July-Sept. 8” high 12” spread

CAMPANULA Hybrida Zone 4

Birch Hybrids Dwarf form; long blooming. Cross between Poscharskyana and portenschlagiana Blue Green July-Sept. 4-6” high 10” spread

CAMPANULA Poscharskyana (Serbian Bellflower)  Zone 4

This is a vigorous plant, keep it away from delicate alpine plants that could be accidentally smothered.

Blue Waterfall Lovely cascading habit. A gush of cool blue, bell-shaped flowers cascade from the center of the plant. Blue Green July-Sept. 10” high 24” spread

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