Herb Organic Catgrass / Petgrass

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Certified Organic Pet Grass for your cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and small animals. All the animals that eat our pet grass will benefit from gaining more green nutrition. 

Why buy Pet Grass?
Our pets tend to be lacking in certain nutrients and green nutrition, this is why pet grass is the perfect addition to your pets diet! 
It contains vegetable fiber for a very healthy digestive system. Feeding pet grass to your furry family members is also a good way to deter them from eating potentially harmful house plants and outdoor grasses. 

What is the shelf life of Pet Grass?
The average life span of your organic potted pet grass is around 2-3 weeks. However this greatly depends on several factors; temperature, watering, how much your cat is eating etc. Some ways that you could extend the life of your plant is by refrigerating when your pet isn’t using it. Keep plant trimmed in order to encourage regrowth. 

 Indoor Pet Grass Vs. Outdoor Grass?
Pet grass isn’t like normal grass, it contains several nutrients that your pets will never get from outdoor grasses. Your potted pet grass is a special combination of oats, barley and wheat. Outdoor grass tastes completely different than Freemans Organic Pet Grass! The other MAJOR factor that differentiates between the grasses is that Freemans Organic Pet Grass is exactly that CERTIFIED ORGANIC - meaning no harmful sprays, pesticides, or chemicals, unlike the grass we find outside! Keep your pets healthy and safe by always purchasing certified organic!