Charcoal - Horticultural Wood

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Lambert Horticultural Wood Charcoal filtration properties aid a media by purifying air and water. It is also used at the bottom of containers to aid in drainage of excessive water. Charcoal is also used with other substrates in the cultivation of certain species of orchids such as Vandas.

SuperMoss Horticultural Charcoal is made from North American hardwoods. Super Charcoal's highly porous horticultural charcoal helps absorb and retain water and fertilizers. As a result, horticultural charcoal increases the nutrient retention capacity of your garden soil. Additionally, horticultural charcoal promotes drainage and defends against root rot if over watered. Ideal for use in soil amendments, terrariums, and even as a decorative filler for potted plants. Mix with our Heirbloom All Purpose Potting Soil, Coconut Coir, or Succulent Blend to further elevate your personal soil recipe.