Chocoholic Bugbane - Actaea 'Chocoholic'

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Bugbanes are late-season blooming perennials, generally planted in rich moist woodland situations. This native cultivar features bronze-purple foliage and arching wands or spikes of fragrant, mauve-pink, bottlebrush flowers, blooming late summer through early fall. The flowers lighten to white as they mature. A wonderful addition to the shade garden. In cool summer areas this will grow well in sunny sites, otherwise choose a part-shade location, protected from hot afternoon sun. Plants will take about three years to develop into a mature clump.

Chocoholic Black Snakeroot

Actaea 'Chocoholic' PPAF

From late summer through early fall, fragrant bottlebrush flowers dance above the bronze purple foliage.  They are a rich mauve-pink colour when they open and lighten to white as they age. Deer resistant. Great for planting in a shady spot.