Coral Bells - Heuchera Villosa hybrid

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HEUCHERA Villosa Hybrids (Coral Bells) Zone 4

Hybrid Coral Bells offer the gardener a tremendous new range of foliage colours, especially for shady areas. Use to add colour and texture to any bed or container. Please note for height – the number in brackets is the height of the bloom scapes, the number outside is the foliage height. Villosa hybrids are more heat and humidity tolerant. Tend to be more hardy then other hybrids

Dolce Black Pearl Proven Winner variety sold in ‘PW’ pots. Forms an incredibly dense habit of shiny, jet black leaves with scalloped, ruffled edges. Each 4-4½” leaf has rosy purple undersides, revealed with the intense ruffling of the leaves. Oldest leaves have a slight silver overlay. To top it off, ‘Black Pearl’ keeps its intense black color even in full sun, instead of bleaching to brown. White flowers with pink calyxes appear in midsummer (requires vernalization). White Black June-July 10”(18”) high 18” spread

Lemon Love Slightly ruffled, chartreuse leaves that are less prone to buring compared to other Heucheras in this colour. White Lime green June-July 10-14” 28-32”

Primo™ Black Pearl Heuchera Heuchera 'Black Pearl' PPAF, CPBRAF This stunning new selection forms a dense, layered mound of scalloped, ruffled, glossy black leaves with purplish undersides. Dainty, bell-shaped, pink and white flowers top tall scapes in summer. Spectacular colour for the front of the border or in patio containers.

Ruby Bells Dark green foliage with true red flowers. Red Green June-July 12”(24”) high  14” spread

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