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Golden Jubilee corn seeds are the highest-yielding, main crop variety for canning or freezing. The tall plants bear 20-25cm (8 1/2-9") ears that have 16-20 rows of deep, sweet, yellow kernels with a rich corn flavour. If you don't process or cook the cobs soon after harvest, they only stay sweet for a relatively short time. But cooked fresh, they are sweet and flavourful, and worth waiting for. Make sure that the soil temperature is 15°C (60°F) before planting these untreated corn seeds. Corn is wind pollinated to it needs to be planted in blocks as opposed to single rows. Isolate Golden Jubilee from all other super sweet varieties for the best results. Matures in 95 to 105 days. (SU hybrid sweet seeds)

Peaches and Cream Early F1 This fantastic mid-season bicolour hybrid produces 22cm (8.5") long cobs, each with 18-20 rows each of white and gold kernels. The kernels actually produce two different flavours in every bite. Peaches and Cream corn seeds produce productive, 2m (6') tall plants and very sweet cobs. Peaches and Cream has earned its popularity for gourmet flavour, sweetness, and tender, fine kernels. We highly recommend it for the home gardener. But be sure to wait until the soil is 21°C (70°F) before planting our untreated corn seeds - this is crucial for good germination of all super sweet hybrid corn varieties. Matures in 70 days. (Su hybrid sweet seeds)

Jubilee Super Sweet is a super sweet extension of the ever popular Golden Jubilee. It has the same ear shape, fine flavour, and crisp texture, but is unquestionably sweeter. Jubilee Super Sweet corn seeds produce tall 2.4m (8') plants with 20-23cm (8-9") ears with 18 rows of yellow kernels. The ears have an appealing deep yellow colour that will stand out on the market table. This is a wonderful choice for the home gardener or market grower alike. Be sure to delay planting our untreated super sweet corn seeds until the soil is reliably above 21°C (70°F). Matures in 85 days. (sh2 Super Sweet hybrid seeds)

Golden Bantam  This old-fashioned HEIRLOOM variety produces 8 rows of large, yellow kernels on 12-18cm (5-7") cobs. Plants grow 1.5-2m (5') tall. Golden Bantam’s sweet flavour is fantastic for fresh eating or freezing on the day it is picked. First introduced to the market in 1902 by W. Atlee Burpee. Isolate Golden Bantam at least 3km from other corn if you intend to save seed. Golden Bantam corn seeds are unusual because they are open pollinated and one of the few corn varieties that produce well in our climate but are also suitable for seed saving. This is an excellent variety of corn for seed savers. Matures in 85-95 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Caramel Crisp Popcorn These seeds are bred for making caramel corn.  The shape helps delicious caramel coating to cling to the popped kernel. Great flavor and large size ensure that Caramel Crisp popcorn seeds are a treat for snacking even without a caramel coating! The sturdy corn plants are Goss Wilt tolerant and will yield large single ears. Originally bred for the caramel popcorn industry, Caramel Crisp Popcorn corn seeds produce single, large cobs with kernels that pop into huge, uniquely mushroom-shaped popcorn. As fresh corn goes, it is tasty and sweet. The sturdy plants are Goss Wilt tolerant. Matures in 105 days. (Hybrid sweet Su seeds)

Glass Gem Organic CERTIFIED ORGANIC Oklahoma native Carl Barnes selected the stunning Glass Gem Organic corn seeds from several traditional heirlooms known for their beauty. Words don't do justice to the multicoloured, translucent, gem-like kernels on these amazing cobs. The plants are sturdy and grow 6-8' tall, with several 18-20cm (7-8") long ears. The kernels can be popped or ground into flour, but they're almost too beautiful to part with. Consider starting this one indoors, as it has a long maturation. The kernels take on these extraordinary colours as they dry so they make exceptional autumn displays. No two cobs are identical. Matures in 105 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Mixed Colours Broom  Sorghum bicolor. This tall heirloom cousin of corn produces huge seed heads 60-100cm (24-36”) long. While technically edible, Sorghum Broom Corn seeds are better used as an ornamental, or as a pollen screen between main crop corn varieties. The seeds colour up and turn shiny as they mature. This product is not a corn or maize variety. As a variety of grass, its seed head is packed more loosely than a corn ear. Stalks can actually be tried and used for sweeping, but you'll want to use the beautiful, multi-coloured seed heads as fall decorations instead. Matures in 110-120 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)