Creeping Phlox - Phlox subulata

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PHLOX subulata (Creeping or Moss Phlox) Zone 3

A very low-growing, groundcover-type species with needle-like foliage that is showiest when planted on slopes, among rocks, towards the front of the border, or along pathways

Candy Stripe White with pale rose, radiating stripes. Pale rose/white Green May-June 4-6” high 12” spread

Drummons Pink Extra large deep pink blooms Deep pink Green May-June 4-6” 18”

Emerald Blue Long-time favourite has clean medium blue, star-shaped blossoms virtually cover the foliage with flowers in spring Blue Green May-June 6-9” high 18” spread

Eye Caramba Medium pink flwoers with a red eye. A richer pink than ‘Eye Candy’ Lavender/Pink Green May-June 4-6” high 18-20” spread

Mountainside Crater Lake Proven Winner Variety! Sold in Proven Winner pots. Mountain side Phlox are more refined spreaders and more compressed to the ground. Cool indigo flowers. Blue Green May-June 4-6” high 24-28” spread

Pink Minuet Rosy pink flowers with a sublte dark eye are produced over a low, mounding habit of dark green foliage. Pink Green May-June 8-10” high 18” spread

Purple Beauty Starry intense deep purple blooms. Deep purple Green May-June 4-6” high 18” spread

Scarlet Flame Glowing cerise flowers. Cerise Green May-June 6-8” high 18” spread

Snowflake Pristine white flowers. Dense compact habit. White Green May-June 4-6” high 18” spread

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