Earth Apples Potatoes - Seed

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Rosara EARLY HARVEST, GOURMET, HIGH YIELD, RED SKINNED, YELLOW FLESHED Rosara is a gorgeous rose-coloured potato with outstanding light golden flesh. This proven northern hearty variety is versatile and easy to grow in most soil types and is an excellent choice for scab prone soils. It’s smooth, buttery-but-firm cooking texture, is perfect for making stews and soups or can simply be boiled with a little bit of butter and salt. Not much effort is needed to enjoy the traits of this remarkable potato.

Melody DRY FLOURY TEXTURE, HIGH YIELD, MID SEASON, OVAL SHAPED, YELLOW FLESHED Melody is a great all around container and garden variety. This delicious yellow fleshed variety grows high yields of round oval, smooth-skinned potatoes. Melody has excellent resistance to common scab, is heat and drought tolerant and is one of the best long term storage varieties. Number of Melody per 1kg:  10-12 seed potatoes.

Purple Magic This beautiful smooth skinned purple has a distinctive white ring on the inside making it very unique. Purple Magic produces high yields of medium sized
tubers. Great for oven roasting and home-made chips due to its higher starch!

Snow Finger Snow Finger is a delicious white-fleshed fingerling variety that produces high numbers of small to medium sized fingerling potatoes. This variety matures early
and grows very well in containers. An excellent medium starchy potato for roasting!

Urban Balconist Yukon Gold, Warba and Red Pontiac offers traditional well known varieties of 3lbs of CFIA certified Alberta grown seed potatoes in paper bags with ventilation holes.  This size is a perfect fit for smaller gardens and container gardens.

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