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VERONICA(Speedwell) Zone 4

Popular for a border or informal garden, Veronica comes in a wide range of flower colours and shapes. Often on spikes, sometimes in clusters, the flowers have the characteristic two stamens that show on the face. A showy plant in borders and beds, low-growing varieties look great in rockeries

Georgia Blue Masses of small blue flowers smother the glossy foliage for months and appear sporadically throughout the year. The evergreen foliage becomes bronze-purple in winter.

Mona Lisa Smile Producing paintbrush-like, long spikes of rosy purple flowers. This is one of the first speedwell to flower, starting about two weeks earlier than 'Very Van Gogh'. Its flowers cover most of the terrific, rounded habit. Rose-purple Green June-August 22-24” high 20” spread

Perfectly Picasso Paintbrush-like spikes produce white buds that open to medium pink flowers. The contrast between the buds and the flowers give this plant a unique bicolor look. Attractive flowers cover the top ½ of the plant, showing off its healthy medium green leaves on a beautifully rounded habit. This medium-height Veronica would be perfect for the middle of the border. Pair this bicolor beauty with ‘Royal Rembrandt’. Pink Green June-August 22-26” high 22” spread

Royal Rembrandt This variety equally showcases attractive paintbrush-like flowers and healthy foliage. Violet purple flowers cover the top half of the plant, showcasing its dark green foliage. Remontant is a term typically used for roses, but it applies to this Veronica as well—you can expect additional blooming power later in the season if the flowers are sheered back. Violet-blue Green June-August 18-20” high 18-20” spread

Very Van Gogh Speedwell Veronica 'Very Van Gogh' PP27428 Beautiful spires of rosy purple flowers add an artistic touch to the landscape in summer. This durable and easily grown perennial is ideal for beds and borders, as well as containers. Asexual propagation prohibited.

Waterperry Blue Sky blue flowers. Spreading habit. Shiny green foliage turns bronze in the winter Sky blue Green June 3”(6”) high 18” spread

White Wands Pure white flower wands are borne prolifically atop the short, dense clump of dark green foliage. Try planting in combination containers or near the front of the border. Proven Winner

Wizard of Ahh’s Proven Winner Variety. One of the earliest Veronica to bloom, this plant produces thick spikes of violet blue flowers that cover the top half of a low, wide habit. Requires vernalization to bloom. Blue Green June-July 14” high 18” spread

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