Sedge Grass - Carex

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CAREX  Zone 5

Carex are not true grass at all, though they certainly look similar. Primarily grown for its foliage. They are warm season plants, they do well in containers and at the edge of borders. Flowers are insignificant panicles of short spikes.

Bowles Golden (Gold Sedge) Bright gold foliage with thin green margins. Needs constant moisture to thrive. Grows well in shallow water or a bed watered regularly.  Gold/green - 2-3ft high 24” spread. This sedge has bright gold foliage with thin green margins and is taller than most other sedges. It is an excellent choice as a highlight plant for a shade

siderosticha Banana Boat At first glance, you might take this plant to be a small lance-leaved hosta, but it's actually a broad-leaved form of deciduous sedge. The one inch wide leaves are bright lemon or banana yellow with narrow, green margins and stripes. - Green/yellow - 6-12” high 12” spread

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