Black Eyed Susan - Rudbeckia fulgida

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RUDBECKIA fulgida(Black-eyed Susan)  Zone 4

Easy to grow Rudbeckia is a excellent choice for colour in summer and into fall. With bright, daisy flowers and interesting seed heads, it makes a great cut flower for fresh or dried arrangements

Autumn Colours (hirta) Large daisy flowers in a mixture of bronzes and yellows. Yellow/bronze Green July-Sept 18”(24”) high 15” spread

American Gold Rush Developed to resist the Septoria leaf spot that afflicts traditional cultivars, this selection has thinner, hairier leaves remain disease-free even during wet and humid weather. This plant also sports a neat, mounding habit, that produces masses of golden yellow flowers with black centres, from early summer into fall. Asexual propagation prohibited.

Goldquelle Forms an upright mound of bright-green leaves, bearing fluffy chrome-yellow double daisy flowers from mid-summer on. Although usually selfsupporting, this may require staking in especially rich garden soils. Double yellow Green August-Sept. 40” high 24” spread

Goldstrum Among the best border perennials available, this is a selection of one of our native North American wildflowers. Plants make a bushy, upright clump with a profuse display of brown-eyed, golden-orange daisies from midsummer through the fall. Seedheads have good winter interest. A terrific choice for mass planting, combining especially well with ornamental grasses. Excellent for cutting. Removing faded flowers regularly will greatly increase the blooming time. Plants may be easily divided in early spring. Attractive to butterflies. 

Indian Summer Huge, single, bright yellow daisy flowers with chocolate eye. Golden yellow Green July-Sept. 36”(42”) high 15” spread

Little Goldstar It is much more proportional and compact, than Goldstrum standing just knee-high. It offers more blooms on a tighter habit and is excellent for containers as well as the sunny border. Loads of yellow daisy-like flowers surrounding a prominent brown cone that in winter, provide a healthy snack for birds. Yellow Green August-Sept. 15” high 15” spread

Maxima ‘Great Coneflower’ Native meadow plant. Towers over the back of the border with its long black cones and graceful yellow petals. Yellow Green August-Sept. 6ft high 24” spread

Triloba Native meadow plant. Yellow Green August-Sept. 36-48” high 18” spread

Viette's Little Suzy Cheery blooms of golden-yellow petals surround near-black centres are produced in abundance over a long growing season. Deep green foliage takes on purplish hues with cooler weather. Attracts butterflies. Ideal for cottage gardens and perennial borders.

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