Hakone Grass - Hakonechloa

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HAKONECHLOA (Japanese Forest Grass, Hokone Grass) Zone 5

The ideal grass for the shade garden with its graceful arching foliage that resembles a small clumping bamboo. Foliage turns colour in the fall. A nice mix with Hostas

Aureola Perennial Plant of the Year 2009! Green and yellow variegated foliage forms a cascading clump like a golden waterfall. Reddish pink fall colour. Spreads but not invasive. insignificant Yellow/green - 12-24” high 18” spread

Golden Variegated Hakone Grass Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' A beautiful, slow-growing ornamental grass with an upright, arching habit. The leaves are variegated with creamy-white and yellow-green stripes. Broad leaves work great cascading over rocks and pathways.

Albo Striata Broad green leaves with white stripes weep and cascade over rocks and edges of containers. insignificant Green/white - 12-18” high 24” spread

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