Hardy Hibiscus - Hibiscus Rose Mallow

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HIBISCUS (Rose Mallow)  Zone 4

Hibiscus is a warm season plant and does not grow until the soil is warm therefore patience is required in the spring for this beauty to wake up – in southern Ontario is approximately mid –June. Excellent in the sunny border with large Alliums which die back just as the hibiscus is starting to grow

Summer in Paradise Truly delivers with its refined habit and attractive, large flowers and floriferous performance. Deep red buds open to 7-8” hot cerise red flowers. Medium green, maple-like leaves are accented by olive green edges that quickly fill in the habit to keep it appearing full and refined. Flowers are produced from the top to the bottom of the plant, rather than only at the top like some older cultivars. Use in place of a shrub in your garden. Red Green August-Sept. 36-42” high 42” spread

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