Hen Manure

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Vegetable garden
When preparing the soil in the spring, hand spread 10 kg/100 m² of surface (22 lb/1000 sq. ft.). Work into the soil with a spade or rotary tiller and sow seed. Repeat every 4 weeks.

Trees and Shrubs
For planting, add Acti-Sol to the hole dug to reach the tree’s root system. For deciduous trees and shrubs, mix 80 g per tree (1/2 cup) of Acti-Sol into the soil. For evergreen trees and shrubs, add the equivalent of 40 g per tree (1/4 cup). For maintenance, sprinkle 40 g/m² (1/4 cup/11 sq. ft.) around the tree.

Apply 10 kg at the base for 50 m of hedge (22 lb/200 lin. ft.).

Flowers and Flower beds
At the beginning of the season, spread 40 g/m² (1/4 cup/11 sq. ft.) on the ground for flowers and established flower beds. For new seedlings, incorporate 80 g/m² (1/2 cup/11 sq. ft.) into the ground using a rotary tiller, a spade or a rake.

Add 30 g (3 tbsp) to the soil under each bulb OR spread 120 g/m² (3/4 cup/11 sq. ft.) on the surface.

Residential lawns and Parks
For seeding or sodding of lawns, apply 10 kg/100 m² (22 lbs/1000 sq. ft.). Work into the soil if desired. For maintenance, apply 5-10 kg/100 m² (11-22 lbs/1000 sq. ft.) at the beginning of spring. Repeat the operation every 6 weeks. Adjust the quantity of fertilizer to the general appearance of your lawn.