Hose Accessories - Nozzles, Shutoff Valves, Connectors

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Nozzle Connector - Zinc

  • Zinc shut off with on/off lever

Shutoff Valve Oneway

  • Poly On/Off Shut Off

Nozzle - Poly

  • Poly nozzle with front thread to add other appliances

Nozzle - Zinc

  • Zinc nozzle with front thread to add other appliances •
  • Handle is soft grip TPR plastic

Hose Connector

  • Brass Garden Hose Shut-Off Valve Connector 3/4" Male & 3/4" Female garden hose thread
  • Quickly and easily connect to your faucet or hose
  • Heavy duty brass construction for durability and effectively avoid rusty and corrosion
  • Works for garden nozzle, watering tools, accurate attachment to faucet/spigot

Double Control Valve

  • Brass Hose Y Control Valve with Shut-Off Levers
  • The brass Hose-Y enables you to use two hoses from one faucet, or one hose, by using the shutoff valve.
  • The dual shutoff valves either completely shut off, or control flow of water from either or both outlets