Larkspur - Delphinium

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DELPHINIUM (Larkspur) Zone 3 Old-fashion garden border plant. Excellent summer colour

Blue Bird is a Pacific Hybrid delphinium grown as an annual or biennial. Its mid-blue flowers have white centers. The flowers are large but short-lived and bloom on tall stems from early summer to midsummer. Grow at the back of a border or in the middle of an island bed. There is nothing quite like delphiniums in the garden.

Dark Blue Bee This handsome variety has dark blue shades with blue-black centers (called bees). Most intense blue of all delphiniums.  Dwarf form of the Pacific Giants Delphiniums which does not require staking. Balanced range of handsome colors with or without 'bees' (the highlights on the petals) on heavily flowered plants.

Guardian Blue

Rose White Bee Rose/white bee Green June-August 18-20” high 14-16” spread 

King Arthur Tall and handsome, the towering deep royal violet-purple flowers with white eyes of Delphinium King Arthur add a majestic appearance to the back of any sunny border. From the Pacific Series, the towering slender spires of densely packed florets rise above mounds of lacy foliage.

PG Summer Skies Sky Blue Green June-August 5-6ft high 18” spread

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