Spotted Dead Nettle - Lamium

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LAMIUM(Spotted Dead Nettle) Zone 4

Excellent weed smothering groundcover. Good for edging, walls, containers. Not suitable for rock gardens.

Bloom from May through July and make it a wonderful ground cover; vigorous and fast growing, spread may need to be controlled

Pink Pewter Soft, shell pink blooms over greenish grey foliage edged with silvery grey. Light pink Grey/silver May-June 6-12” high 18-24” spread

Purple Dragon Dense spikes of rich purple flowers and silvery foliage. Deep purple Silver/green May-June 6-8” high 12-18” spread  

Purple Dragon Lamium Vigorous perennial offers large, toothed foliage that is whitish-silver, shading into dark green around the edges. From late spring to early summer it is covered with masses of large purple blooms. Ideal as a ground cover.

White Nancy Nearly all silver leaves with narrow, blue-green margins topped with pure white hooded flowers in spring. Particularly dense growing variety. White Silver/green May-June 6-8” high 18” spread

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