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Mild Mesclun Mixture Seeds A nice combination of tastes and flavor that appeals to any palate. Includes Ruby Red Lettuce, Grand Rapids Lettuce, Salad Bowl Lettuce, White Boston Lettuce, Lemon Basil, Bloomsdale Spinach, Summer Savory, Fordhook Swiss Chard and Red Romaine Lettuce. This is a mild flavoured seed blend for gardeners who don't go for greens that can be bitter or spicy. Mild Mesclun Blend is a perfect stand alone salad mix. Plant and grow mesclun mixes from early spring to late summer and fall. A delightful combination of greens that brings colour and mild flavour; a red and a green leaf lettuce provide colour; corn salad adds sweetness; and kale is for abundance and good health. Mesclun blends work perfectly well in patio containers, window boxes, raised beds or in farm rows. Cut with scissors and return when the crop grows back for a second or even third harvest.

City Garden Mesclun Seeds are part of the Simply Salad series. This is a blend of green and red lettuces selected for use as baby greens. These lettuces look spectacular in a container with their diverse shapes, colours, and textures, almost like a bouquet of flowers. Harvest the baby greens with scissors for an instant, pre-mixed salad. Grow in full sun from fall to spring, and in partial shade in the summer. Each pellet contains numerous seeds, so one or two pellets per 5" container is ample. The result is very attractive and fully edible. Matures in 55 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Wonder Wok Wonder Wok pelleted mesclun seeds produce a crop that is ready to harvest only four weeks after sowing. This multi species blend includes pac choi, kale, and several mustard greens, so it's perfect for a quick harvest of instant stir-fry greens. Wonder Wok is very fast and easy to grow in containers or garden beds, and it makes salad gardening a cinch. This product is part of the Simply Salad series. Each pellet contains four to five seeds of different varieties. So planting one pellet results in a tight-growing clump of mixed greens. Try to avoid over crowding your containers by sowing the pellets 10cm (4") apart or more.

Fast and Furious Grow your own babyleaf Fast and Furious Blend Organic lettuce seeds with this blend of our whole line of CERTIFIED ORGANIC babyleaf lettuce varieties. Enjoy the contrast in colour, flavour, and texture from freshly cut salad greens. Market gardeners will love the uniform, fast growth rate, along with the impressive disease resistance of each component. Perfect for hydroponics, aquaponics, or conventional tray growing - and excellent in patio containers. The Fast and Furious Blend is perfect for any organic market grower with CSA boxes to fill or restaurants to accommodate. Matures in 35-40 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

How to Grow

Mesclun mixes are sun-loving cool weather crops that grow best in organic, well drained soil. Sow as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring, then every two weeks thereafter to ensure a continuous supply. Sow about 3 mm (1/8″) deep in rows 45 cm (18″) apart. An even supply of moisture during the entire growth period is imperative for success. Harvest by either pulling the entire plant or by cutting leaves from the main stem at least 2.5 cm (1″) above the base – this will allow the plants to sprout new leaves. Once plants start to bolt (they start to produce a rapidly growing flower stems), leaves become bitter.