Plant Support Stakes, Clips and Ties

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The Orchid Stakes and Clips Kit is the perfect solution for orchid lovers to maintain the health and attractiveness of their plants. The kit comes with 3 vinyl-coated wire stakes and 3 adjustable Plant Clips. Make sure your orchids bloom beautifully year-round with this essential kit.

Secure your plants easily with the Plant Clips. Made of new green plastic, they quickly and easily attach to stems without damage to the plant. Their flexible, non-slip design allows for easy re-positioning and re-use. The small 2 cm x 1.5 cm clip size is the perfect size for both indoor and outdoor use.

New Velcro brand Garden Ties made from 65% recycled plastic, offer a quick, easy to use solution for staking and training small delicate plants or plants that need extra support. Simply wrap the tie around the plant and stake, then press to secure in place. Product will last 2-3 yrs. with practical use. V30088 & V30087 do not require scissors, as V30088 is a 30’ roll consisting of 45- 8” x ½” pre-cut pieces and V30087 is 12 pre-cut ties 6” x 1/2”. One-Wrap Ties are perfect for bundling larger items for a secure hold. Adjustable and reusable.