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California Wonder Few bell pepper varieties can compete with the reliable plants produced by California Wonder pepper seeds. In a greenhouse, open field, or in your backyard vegetable garden, this is the variety to grow if you love big, blocky sweet peppers that mature from green to bright fire engine red. The four-lobed fruits are heavy with perfectly smooth skins, and grow to nearly 13cm (5") long and 10cm (4") wide on plants that can grow to 65cm (28") tall. Give this excellent variety very fertile soil and even moisture throughout the growing season, and it will reward you with abundant, perfect fruits with exactly the flavour and moisture content you would expect from the best green grocer. Matures in 65-75 days. Open-pollinated seeds

Paprik Certified Organic pepper seeds produce hardy, vigorous plants that are very productive, even in an open field setting. Fruits have small seed cavities, so they dry easily, turning from scarlet to dark brown as they do. Fruits average 12cm (4″) long with a narrow conical shape. The plants are compact, also suitable for machine harvesting. The pods are mostly straight with a very small seed cavity that makes it easier to dry and less damage from rain drops on the fruits.

Grow your own paprika – just dry the pods in decorative ristras at the end of summer. When the pods are completely dry, grind them in a clean spice mill to a very fine consistency. The fresh peppers can also be smoked prior to drying for smoked paprika: remove the stems, pith, and seeds from the fruits and cut them into 1/4″ wide strips. Use some wood chips covered in pierced aluminum foil in an outdoor grill to produce the smoke that will flavour your peppers. Then use a dehydrator or simply allow the strips to dry naturally before grinding into powder. Matures in 90 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

Shishito Pepper F1 Shishito peppers are trending, turning up in gourmet menus across North America. They may be the perfect bite-sized pepper for blistering under the broiler and serving with a sauce. The 60cm (24”) tall plants produced buckets of slender, mild peppers in our field trials. And they kept producing into October. Tasty at the green stage, it matures first to orange and then to deep red when its sugars are the highest. Its thin walls make it ideal for tempura or roasting. We found that every tenth or twelfth pepper had a bit of heat to it, but they were still milder than a jalapeño. Matures in 60 days. (Hybrid seeds)