Lenten Rose - Helleborus Gold Collection

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Float flowers in clear bowls for an elegant centerpiece. Helleborus herald the coming of spring with lovely nodding cup-shaped flowers. The harbingers of spring, Helleborus bloom for six weeks or more beginning in late winter. They are often flowering during the Christian season of Lent, from which they get their common name, Lenten Rose.


One of the finest low-growing, early-flowering plants in cultivation. No garden should be without one. 3-4” flowers last for 8- 10 weeks. Evergreen. Easy to grow requiring shade and occasional water

hybrid ‘Rosemary’ Helleborus Rosemary is the best hellebore introduction in the last five years and one of the most unique of all hellebores with incredible numbers of white-veined pink cup-shaped flowers that deepen to glowing salmon tones. The flower heads are more upward looking than other varieties, it has inherited the longer flower period of its H. niger parentage and it produces a much greater number of flowers than others. Pink Green April-June. 15-18” high 18” spread

Victoria A new Helleborus orientalis variety is according to the breeder striking for its mass of purple flowers. Specifically bred to begin flowering in fall, it tolerates full sun and is a Niger-Cor hybrid which makes it very hardy in northern climates. Purple-Pink Green Nov-May. 10-12” high 12” spread

HELLEBORUS ‘Gold Collection’  Zone 5

All Gold Collection Hellebores have beautiful outward-facing, long-lasting blooms that fill homes and gardens with an abundance of elegant color in the long, cold months of winter and early spring

Camelot Pink buds open to large, pinkish cream flowers that face outward. Pink-cream Green April-June. 12-15” high 15” spread

HELLEBORUS x ericsmithii ‘Winter Magic Collection’ Zone 4

These superior, incredibly floriferous selections make wonderful pot plants and permanent, deer proof, drought tolerant additions to any shady spot. All selections are sturdy and vigorous with leathery evergreen leaves covered in a veil of beautiful powdergrey. Big, outfacing blooms are held well above the foliage, developing a greenish tinge as they mature. Blooming will begin in the winter months in mild regions and last well into the warmer days of spring.

Candy Love Incredibly floriferous plant with soft, pastel shades of yellow and pink blooms. Yellow/Pink Green Dec-March 12-15” high 15-18” spread

HELLEBORUS ‘Frost Kiss Series’ Zone 5

The Frost Kiss series is a late blooming hellebore with unique marbled foliage that remains attractive all year round.

hybrid ‘Anna’s Red’ Thick, leathery evergreen leaves have a slight pink, marbled tinge when they first emerge. Deep burgundy-red, cup-shaped flowers with red stems. Burgundy Green April-June 18-23” high 18” spread

HELLEBORUS ‘Wedding Party Series’ Zone 4

Theses are double flowering hellebore with notable vigor, rich flower colours and showy floral displays and a large number of blossoms per plant. Introduced by Walters Garden

Black Tie Affair 3", double black flowers with a lighter center. Black/white Green April-June 18-24” high 18” spread

Dashing Groomsmen 3” double slate gray to dark purple flowers Black Green April-June. 18”-24” high 18” spread

Wedding Bells 2.5” Double clear white flowers White Green April-June. 18-24” high 18” spread

HELLEBORUS ‘Honeymoon Series’ Zone 4

These are single flowering hellebore with notable vigor, rich flower colours and showy floral displays and a large number of blossoms per plant. Introduced by Walters Garden.

New York Night 2.5-3", single flowers with shades of black that include deep grey-purple, jet black, and black-purple. Black Green April-June 18-22” high 20” spread

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