Plant Friend 'Take and Make' Kit

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Grow your own PLANT FRIEND!

Nothing takes the place of our human friends and family, but plants do offer a lot of benefits to our lives and it is helpful to have plants around us where we live and where we learn.

Here is a fun project to create your own plant person.  Be sure to give him/her enough water and a bright, warm location inside.

Suitable for ages 4-12.  Kit contains small parts.

Materials included:

  • 1 nylon section
  • 1 bag of potting soil (you will have enough soil for 2 more friends)
  • 1 bag of grass seed (you will have enough grass seed to make 2 more friends) 
  • 2 wiggly eyes
  • 1 bead nose
  • 1 pipe cleaner mouth
  • 1 water saucer
  • 1 re-usable Family Flowers bag
  • easy instructions

You will need:

  • glue (hot glue gun works best)
  • water