Asiatic Lily - Lilium Asiatic

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The blooms of this tall Asiatic beauty have magenta petals accented by rich purple eyes. This flower adds exotic good looks to borders, beds and mass plantings, flowering and spreading more each year. 
LILIUM Speciosum (Lily) Zone 4
This is the last of the Lilies in our list to flower, and to our nose at least, it is also among the most fragrant. 
Black Beauty Producing a cascade of the famous “black-red” tightly recurved flowers. Black-red Green Mid-August 48” high 6” spread
LILIUM Trumpet (Trumpet Lily) Zone 3
Huge fragrant outward facing blooms in the shape of a trumpet.
Regale A white fragrant lily with a yellow throat and pink reverses to the petals. White Green August 40” high 6” spread
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