Silver Mound - Artemisia

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ARTEMISIA (Silver Sage,Wormwood) Zone 3

Silvery, aromatic foliage is finely textured with silky pubescence. An excellent accent for borders, herb and cottage gardens. Stunning when planted in masses, where it will provide a wonderful contrast to plants with green foliage or vibrant flowers. Thrives in cool summer areas. Non-invasive. An herbaceous perennial.

Silver Brocade Velvety, silvery grey leaves look like trailing Dusty Miller. Propagation prohibited. - Silver-grey - 4-8” high 10” spread

Silver King Plants form a bushy, upright mound, with clusters of creamy flowers. Silver-white Grey Aug-Sept. 20” high  24” spread

Oriental Limelight A variegated form of Artemisia with greens, golds and creams. Breeders rights held by Plant Haven. - Gold/Green - 24” high 24” spread

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