Spiderwort - Tradescantia

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TRADSCANTIA(Spiderwort) Zone 3

Charlotte’s Web Proven Winners Variety. Sold in PW pot. Excells from spring until fall, and outperforms ‘Sweet Kate’ and all others in sun tolerance. Its grass-like leaves emerge in spring with a thin red margin on the edges of each leaf blade. The chartreuse foliage transitions to gold with more sun exposure. Small, three-petaled soft blue flowers cover the arching, bushy clumping habit. Like most Tradescantia of its type, flowers will open in the morning and close in the afternoon on sunny days. They may remain open on cloudy days. Blue Yellow July-August 15-18” high 20” spread

Concord Grape Triangular, concord grape blossoms with sulphur yellow stamens. Has frosted blue-green foliage which remains clean and compact. Purple Green July-August 15-18” high 15” spread

Sweet Kate Triangular, violet-blue blossoms with sulphur yellow stamens contrast sharply with the brilliant gold foliage. Protect from afternoon sun. Violet-blue Gold July-August 12” high 12” spread  ‘Sweet Kate’ is a compact, clump-forming, hybrid spiderwort that is noted for its unique yellow foliage. It typically grows to 12” tall. Three-petaled, purplish-blue flowers (to 1.5” diameter) accented by contrasting yellow stamens are borne in terminal clusters (umbels) atop stiff stems. Numerous flower buds form in each cluster, but individual flowers open up only a few at a time, each for only one day, blooming in succession from May into summer. Arching, iris-like, bright yellow leaves are folded lengthwise forming a groove.

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